oh fuck


This quarter is turning into a total stress-fest for me.
I feel like at every moment I'm worrying about homework that is about to be due or some event that I need to be at.
And I have to keep up with WICS and Tea Club and Harry Potter club as well. I mean, I am not obligated to actually go to HP club or do a whole lot for Tea Club, but I feel like I can't let my schoolwork interfere with my having fun time. Or something.
My four computer science classes combined with social obligations are just AGHAHGHGJDKSLG KILLING ME.
I could I guess turn into a total recluse and never go out and just work all the time, but I'd go insane. But seriously, in the future I'm going to try to keep it down to two CS classes at a time.
I have two midterms this week that I haven't yet studied for. I am really mostly worried about the algorithms midterm because, well, I SUCK AT ALGORITHMS.
And I need to flesh out my business proposal for technical writing, I have a computer graphics project due Thursday, artificial intelligence homework due TONIGHT (after my WICS meeting), tomorrow I have to be at the Boeing Info Session, and then a friend of mine is coming to visit me from Singapore.
Just typing that all out frightens me. HOW AM I GOING TO GET IT ALL DONE?
And of course every weekend I have to somehow divide my time between fun stuff and actually getting work done so I don't fall behind.
I really hope that I don't have a lot of homework assigned for Halloween weekend, because I am going to go to a concert on the Saturday, and then have a Halloween murder mystery party on Sunday. Which I still need to write the script for! And get props! AUGHHGHGHGHHGHGH okay this is such a whiny post, but I needed to get that out of my system because I'm totally freaked out right now.
crazy hair

Future Cosplay~

Okay, so. A list of cosplays I plan on doing in the near-ish future.

1.) Mono - adulbae and I need to work on this. HMHMHM HINT. I have a dress that needs to be finished painting. And possibly a wig because who knows what color my actual hair will be when cosplay day rolls around.

2.) Sheryl Nome - I've never even seen Macross Frontier but holy crap her hair is cute so I've ordered a wig and COMMITTED MYSELF. It doesn't seem TOO hard...

3.) Pearl - MY EVIL NEMESIS BEST FRIEND. >D I haven't started or anything but um yeah this is going to happen. ...Really.


I'm learning to make custom content for the Sims 2. :]
It's actually really fun! :D And I can have the clothes that I want for my Sims!
Right now I'm just diddling around a little with clothes, but. It's pretty easy, and my dad likes to explain stuff to me...>>;;
He thinks I need to be a game designer or something. And he knows a guy working on the Sims 3 and stuff, so he was like "Oh you should talk to this guy! I bet he can give you tips and stuff." 
I don't want to though, hahahaha. It would just be too embarrassing to show anybody my subpar custom content right now!
Though  I actually really like the first thing I made (despite all of its glaringly obvious flaws) and I immediately slapped it onto a Sim and then played around with her for a while, hahaha. I LOVE HAVING THE CLOTHES I WANT.
And now I really want to make some of my own outfits for the Sims, hehehehehe.
Zhang Xiao Chen

I'm addicted.

I have discovered the most amazing thing ever!
I love making lists, so this is so perfect for me. :D
Honestly, most of the lists I make are for me, and are usually pretty temporary, so there won't be anything SUPER interesting (maybe I shouldn't say that?), but I love having a place for my lists! It's really neat since you can easily link things and such...while my laptop was out of commission, I actually was Facebook messaging myself lists, hahaha. Now I'm in the process of moving any lists I care about over to listography. :'3

ALSOOOO a friend of mine is going to a concert for Of Montreal in October, and Janelle Monae is also going to be performing! So I agreed to go. It's a little pricier than I would usually pay for a concert, especially since I don't even really like Of Montreal, buuuuut I REALLY like Janelle Monae, and I think her live performance will be really great! I also finally bought the ArchAndroid yesterday...before some stargazing of the Perseid meteor shower (only 8 shooting stars this year, sigh). I really do love owning physical copies of albums I like. I suppose that's why I'll never get into iTunes...I just don't get why I would buy a song when I can either download it or buy the entire album and have a HARD COPY.

BAH, but I digress. I also wanted to just mention that while I don't really like any of Of Montreal's songs, I DO love Make the Bus, which features Of Montreal. Of course, I love everything Janelle Monae touches, so. :)


So yeah, I'm addicted to shoes...the problem is that there are just so many KINDS, and I have to have them all!
Lately, I have been thinking I want a pair of brown oxfords...not like instantaneously or anything, but it's something I will definitely keep an eye out for.
But I'm a little picky, so I don't want to get them unless they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.
This is basically what I'm looking for.
They're like, exactly what I'm looking for! :D

Japanese Homework

I have to write ten sentences using つもり or , so I wrote this for Marisa!!!  8D


Google translates it as "
Marisa Netoru your boyfriend going," so then I looked up the word "netoru" to see if I was using it correctly, and apparently this is a genre of hentai. :|
So, in other news, not turning this sentence in with my homework since my Japanese is not very good and I'm not sure how much this would make me look like a WHORE. Yay me.
Instead I am turning in a bunch of completely boring sentences that will make me look like a normal person! WHOOOOOOOOO.
Long Ma

At Anna's house. :D

TODAY I had Japanese class and now I am at Anna's house and I am SLEEPING OVER HERE because that is how awesome I am.
We are watching TV and we just saw an ad for The Bounty Hunter.
And then Anna said "Can you imagine if you had to hunt down an ex-boyfriend and bring them to jail."
I think this would make my life.
(I just wanted to post for NO REASON AT ALL.)
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oh hai

I'm bored, and it's really been too long since I've used my Livejournal.
I feel like I should be using it. BUT I DON'T KNOW FOR WHAT.
What do people use their LJs for?!?! 
Should I be diary-ing my life?!?!?!
MAYBE  I SHOULD. Just for posterity's sake. So in ten years I can look back at it and be like, "OH college me was HILARIOUSLY STUPID."


That's what I'll do. I'm deciding this right now, and my right eye is really throbbing. It DOES that a lot.
Because I do not know have anything important to say, here is a list of books that I borrowed from the library yesterday:

Collapse )

Aaaaanyway, this means I will need to read much more often than I have in...a while.
But that's okay, because I just finished FFXIII and thus have much more time upon my hands.
I will use this time to:

1. Read books
2. Watch the Prince of Tennis drama
3. Watch old Doctor Who episodes

Ummmm...yeah, that was a boring list.

P.S. I'm super irritated that when I use this dinky little laptop and Firefox has been open a while, if I open a new window or get a pop-up or something, it WILL NOT CLOSE. WTH.
Seriously I need to either fix my old laptop or get a new one. :S This needs to happen soon.